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A test coming up soon and you are not prepared at all? Well, no reason to panic. Any individual whether a student or not once found themselves in such a situation. So that is no reason to stress out since you can always do so in a week. However, there is a reason to freak out when you try to study for that test but you can't seem to concentrate. You try to put your mind to it by soaking your legs in water or staying up all night! Without any positive results. Well if that is the situation, worry no more because Strattera whose generic name is atomoxetine got your back covered. It is a medication made to serve such a purpose. Strattera is a prescription recommended by doctors to treat ADHD It assists by enhancement of norepinephrine flow in the brain of the user. Therefore more focus in whatever you are doing. Unlike many other drugs made for such reasons, Strattera is a non-stimulant. Thus it has fewer side effects. It is more effective and does not have addictive components. As a result, there stands no chance of its abuse. Thus there are no measures to its use. Hence it can be used by both children and adults. You can also top up when it runs out.

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Like any other prescription, there is a certain way that the user should take it. Since the drug is used by a wide range of ages, we have broken down the dosage into two groups according to the weight range. Below is how they should take it. - For children and adolescents who weigh less than or seventy kilograms exact. The dose recommended at the start is 0.5 mg/kg which should be increased after about one week to 1.2 mg/kg. This you provide as a single dose or divide it equally throughout the day but ensure you reach the required amount. Even so, if you feel like increasing it more than that you are free to do so. However, you should not exceed the limit dose which is 1.4 mg /kg a day. - For adolescents and adults with more than seventy kilograms The commendable dose is 40 mg which is also increased after one week of use. That seven-day gap is for accessing how your body reacts to Strattera. After three days, increase to 60 mg. You have the option of taking it as a single dosage or divide it evenly during the day. Like, for instance, take it four times in 20 mg. The utmost amount for this group is 100 mg.

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Strattera is made for the management of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder commonly known as ADHD. The drug allowed prescriptions are for children, adolescents, and adults. Nonetheless, children under the age of six years should not use it as it has the effect of slow growth rate on them. In order to use it ensure you visit a professional in the treatment of ADHD. By doing so you will not only assure yourself the right diagnosis but also get useful information on the side effects.

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Due to continued use in the market, companies are now coming up with different trade names for the drugs. This is to assist them be unique and reach a certain target market. Below are some of the branded names. They will help you recognize Strattera easily when you need it. If you are a person who likes going for a specific company the names will assist you to go for the one that you trust most.

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Strattera most common brand names Axepta (plain, 10 and 25 mg)
Attentrol (18 and a 25 mg).